Vinyls and Unisex Blades and Eco-Friendly, The Bet of Bubbles and Bubbles® in Children Deco

If you are decorating a room for a new Member in the family you’ll be pleased to know that bubbles and bubbles® launches new line of infant decoration products composed of vinyl eco for walls and sheets for framing which is very nice. Concerned both by design and by the quality and safety of products intended for children made their vinyl with inks eco on PVC and phthalates-free adhesive mounts.

The brand offers contemporary and minimalist in style, unisex and with a touch of humor designs. In addition, your vinyl wall are available in seven colors and are easy to install, move, and remove without leaving a mark. All products are made in Spain with the best and most sustainable materials of Europe.

You may not know his work, because this young brand went on the market last winter. The designs are made by the founders, two Spanish architects that after working in architecture offices globally recognized were released to the adventure of creating a child high quality brand, concerned about the environment and health and, no less important, capable like new parents, those seeking to move away from the Archetypes of gender and the same commercial characters ever.

Your vinyl or wall stickers they stand out by not contain PVC, as the most common commercial vinyls. They employ an innovative adhesive support without PVC, phthalates, chlorine or other halogens that are harmful especially for children. Printed with ecological inks and do it in Spain, on request.

Another key to the politics of this signature is the sustainability. Our babies will inherit a world we want to leave you in the best conditions. Why in bubbles and bubbles® are committed to products made with eco-friendly materials and inks and used containers of cardboard or paper, if possible, recycled.

Finally, as we all know, babies are adorable, playful, curious and irreverent and behave alike are boys or girls. They are just that: babies. That’s why for this signature does not have sense to design products for them according to gender and design thinking to create fun worlds that stimulate the imagination and which transmit the freedom that being the purest human being can exist: a baby.

It sounds good, do not you think?