Viniloestil Presents Its Very Fabric Vinyls

A few days ago I showed you Viniloestil Christmas vinyl collection, because I liked it so much and it seemed to me to be so much fun, that I could not expect more days to teach, but in addition to the Christmas, in his collection of autumn winter there are other many cool vinyl for our walls. The firm will be performed by the wall as a Board or a blank sheet that let the imagination and show it in every one of his proposals.

What we propose for this season are vinyl fabric that allow kids, and not so young, decorate the walls of House without dirtying them or damage them. Are stickers removable, printed in full color on a textile sheet and the contoured die-cut so they can pull out and put in the most simple way. Clearly the use of textile material is a great novelty and is present in three collections: children, children’s letters and Sweet Style.

Vinyl records have been designed and produced by the team of Viniloestil in the workshop with the Costa Brava, trying to create a product of proximity through a centralized production process. In Viniloestil they plan, manufacture and market products of the usual, but with an innovative twist.

The first vinyl fabric, children’s collection, make up a wide variety of topics such as circus, the forest, the pirates or the city. Each section is composed of various elements which allow creative compositions by developing a personal and original story for children and for the not so young.

Viniloestil Presents Its Very Fabric Vinyls 1

The second collection of children’s letters, It consists of the alphabet, each letter contains a decorative element different and designed for children-themed.

Viniloestil Presents Its Very Fabric Vinyls 2

Finally, The Sweet Style vinyl It is a sweet and retro style vintage collection. These vinyl fabric is perfect for creating great compositions or decorate the walls with small details and pastel tones.

I continue with the Christmas vinyl in mind, but those of this as vintage collection also seem adorable and the intended for children are super fun, also I love the freedom they offer when creating compositions.

Viniloestil Presents Its Very Fabric Vinyls 3