Inserts Adhesive for Bathroom: You Need to Know!

If there’s one thing that you can do to give a renewed fast in your bathroom without spending too much and without worrying about major reforms is to use inserts adhesive into the decor of your bathroom.


Can be only in the details or in a renewal most prominently, the fact is that the pads adhesive resinadas are absolutely easy to be applied-only that you have some important considerations to make before opting for this type of insert to your bathroom, and in this post you will learn about this. Let’s go!

Can I use the inserts and adhesive in the bathroom?

Basically, the pads are items that already have adhesive and are ready to be placed directly in any environment, including wet areas and exposed to water, that is, it is possible to use the inserts adhesive resinadas on the inside of the box in the bathroom or even in the back of the sink. Of course, when exposed directly to water, durability is another, resists 2 years in wet areas and up to 5 years in dry areas.

Thinking in durability, the insert adhesive resinada is not the best solution, it is obvious that chips of glass are more durable, however, the pads adhesive does not require specialized labor being much more economic and quick to apply.

It is important to note that these items are made of resin of the polyurethane and adhesive-backed high performance, since it has resistance against strong sunlight and moisture.

In addition, the pads adhesive for bathroom can be applied on any smooth surface, such as, for example: metal, ceramic, tile, MDF, glass, among others.

You can apply the pads sticky notes on mirrors, in MDF to make, for example, the frame of the mirror. You can apply directly on a ceramic, making a track, or covering the entire surface of the wall.

Just use your creativity, choose the colors that best match with your bathroom and apply it!

How is the application of the insert adhesive?

You can perform the application of the insert the adhesive on their own, but need to take some care before you. The first step is to check if the surface is dry and without any dust. In addition, the application is not suitable for walls that have any type of damage, textures, or corrugated.

To apply the insert on the wall is indicated following the instructions on the package to facilitate the product. Typically, the item is manufactured with three layers: the adhesive is transparent, the insert resinada sticker and a protection layer of glue.

In sequence, you need to take out any trace of dirt or grease from the surface chosen with some cleaning product. Soon after, pass a cloth with alcohol to completely eliminate impurities.

Place the insert adhesive in the place you want, press to facilitate the fixing and take all the layers with care not to cause the detachment of the insert. Finally, check to see if the insert adhesive is fully fixed on the surface and simply wipe a cloth damp to complete the cleaning.

The inserts used in wet areas and wetlands take up to 48 hours to dry, before you can take your bath without taking off the pads, now after this period you can take a bath without worrying that some brands of pads can withstand up to the action of a washing machine by pressure (Wap)!

What is the price of the insert resinada adhesive?

You can usually buy a card inserts adhesive by a value relatively reasonable, about$35.00 in any region of Brazil. The parts have in general 30×30 cm, equal to a plate of a conventional insert.

Can have up to 48 months guarantee against yellowing of the surface and 12 months in relation to its detachment from the wall. Therefore, it is a way to change the look of your property is simple and cost effective way.

Advantages and disadvantages of the inserts and adhesive for bathroom

As previously mentioned, the use of the inserts and adhesive can be very useful for those who are thinking to renew your bathroom without having to break the tiles, since the application is easy, can be made by any person and the finish on the waiver grouts.

The price is also an advantage, as compared with a conventional insert is much more economic to use pellets adhesive, since it does not require specialized labor, then the cost of the service does not exist, but you are the one who ends up having to put to see this economy in practice.

As a disadvantage is the durability that is less than the inserts in conventional, they also are not very resistant to abrasion, that is, you can not rub with the sponge because they are made of resin and polyurethane. Abrasive cleaners such as scouring powder so don’t even think of.

Inserts Adhesive: Where To Purchase

Another disadvantage is that you will not find this product in building materials, the pads adhesive can be found and purchased over the internet on site such as:

  • In the united states;
  • Insert;
  • Dona

It is, if you have any questions, if you want to comment and leave your opinion, just write there in the comments of the ArquiDicas and if you want to insert a conventional browse through our other posts that has the latest news from the fair lining EXPOREVESTIR 2016, and even ideas and photos of bathrooms decorated with inserts. Ok? A big hug and even more!