Classics: Turning The IPhone into a (Beautiful) Electronic Books Reader

Classics It is an amazing application developed by Phill Ryu and Andrew Kaz that will delight in the lovers of classical literature. It is a new application for the iPhone and the iPod touch that will allow us to enjoy there where go from books like “Alicia en el país de las maravillas” by Lewis Carroll, “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe, “twenty thousand leagues under the sea” from Julio Verne or “The time machine” of H. G. Wells among others. Our classics will grow to each new version and although in principle only have original works in English (or their official translations into that language), I allow myself the luxury of dreaming that someday include other translations and/or will enable us to add our own books.

Most notable classics regardless of its functionality is the beautiful interface designed by David Lanham and Sebastiaan de With, two old acquaintances of Applesfera readers by their continuous contributions in the form of some of the wallpapers and sets of most used icons between Mac users (only Lanham is behind Amora, Sticker and Onyx to name a few).

But not only Classic enters the view, also provides a tactile experience absolutely mind-blowing: can slide the pages with our fingers as if it were a real book creating an effect quite realistic and natural. Although it is not yet available in the App Store, I strongly recommend that you see the video on your web page. Insurance that will convince you as to my even in the absence of knowing the price that will be marketed.