Westwing Guide Tolilac Table Lamp

It’s time to create a colorful and beautiful decoration for the interior of the home. If you want to provide a cheerful and relaxing atmosphere the recommended color is lilac. In addition to being beautiful, the nuance carries a special meaning: environments that have lilac in the composition convey spirituality and intuition: perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens.And if you do not give up well-lit spaces you can opt for the lilac lampshade in the decoration.

To ensure beauty throughout your project spaces need a lighting planning.Thus, all the details of furniture and objects will be highlighted, offering an even more cozy atmosphere. That is why we at Westwing have put together a series of tips and inspirations for you to introduce lilac lampshade into the decoration of the house, renewing the airs of each room and renovating the decoration with a lot of beauty and romanticism. Check it!

Lighting And Delicacy

Betting on the decoration with lilac lampshades can be a great trick to renew the spaces in a simple and practical, as well as giving a light up. You can have the entire lilac lamp or choose a base or dome with this color, creating acustom lamp. Here at 800ZIPCODES you can get more different models of lighting and wall stickers. 

The advantage of using the lilac table lamp in the decoration is its ease in harmonizing with other colors and prints, such as floral and stripes. It is an object that brings a feminine air to the surroundings, but with a lot of elegance and charm.

Decoration With Lilac Table Lamp

The lilac lamp is a welcome item to compose the decoration of the rooms, especially the young people anxious with the entrance exam. This is because besides being an ally in the hour of studies, the lilac lamp still transmits tranquility and harmony, ideal sensations for the moment of rest or study.But lilac lampshade can also compose other environments, impressing elegance and romanticism.

In the children’s room, the custom lamp has space guaranteed. A dome with lilac prints or even a base with small animals awakens the curiosity of the child, inviting a universe of imagination and joy.

For the living room, the lilac lamp can gain other shades to compose a sophisticated print. Among the colors of the same family are violet, purple and grape, which can come in mandalas, flowers, stripes, among other designs of print. One tip to further combine the lilac lampshade is to choose other elements of the same color, such as cushions, decorative objects or a vase of flowers, such as lavender, for example. In addition to elegant, you will still bring an air of nature into the house with a pleasant aroma.

The lilac lamp can also be positioned on the balcony, giving a modern effect on the decor. Arrange knitting cushions under the benches and leave a corner for the lamp to shine. In addition to the lilac table lamp, it is worth betting on the floor, which can be positioned near the recamier, creating a corner of reading-a new environment for your home. In this way, you will be giving new airs to the decoration with ease and practicality.