Vinyls For Babies, For Those Decorating Potatoes

Today I break a spear for the men and especially for all those dads who live with great illusion the fatherhood and who decorate with great affection the children’s rooms.

So in this special ” baby vinyl, for those dads who decorate” I will teach you ideas of children’s decorations of several of them that have enchanted me, not only for their inspiration but for the time and commitment that they have dedicated.

Photograph 1 via Pinterest (babyasart) and 1bis, the stickers that José Fernández chose. Thank you

And why do I know? I know, not only because the purchase has been made by themselves, but because they were busy making inquiries to ensure the result and make sure the colors or measurements, wrote me comments, sent me pictures of their rooms with the stickers placed … well … the truth is that I have no choice but to congratulate them on their work and thank them for being the way they are.

The children’s decoration of Estefano with a lot of charm and its vinyls drinks.

Well look, GRADINMATH, he has been working pretty … besides placing one of the sets of stickers on the wall of his crib, he has also painted a few more stars of a mustard color.So you have achieved the contrast you like … and .. what about your frame?

Chula the idea! true?

” Clearly you have created an atmosphere that has a lot of charm. A balanced children’s room, simple, without overlapping and with its original point … those we like so much . ”

Again, great work Estefano and thank you for your images and allow us to publish them.

The baby vinyl that Carlos placed for his kids …

What if you get two? Look how simple and delicate decoration Carlos has achieved for his children, Xavier and Albert. A pleasant environment based on warm colors, beige, white, stickers in chocolate brown and a soft blue that gives the necessary light to the nursery. Everything in its right place … and those cushions embroidered with the names … Look at the next image and you will see better.

The truth is that the feeling of light and warmth almost palpable. We like it because.Double happiness.

The sticker placed by Fernando for the wall in pastel shades…

Fernando was clear that a touch of color on his sky blue paint would make a nice difference. And so he did and placed the “Let’s sleep” on the wall of the crib. And so he succeeded. Thank you, too, Fernando.

And on the edge of the crib, “Pajama and Stars” you chose Franc, stickers for your baby in navy blue. Now, Franc!

Yes, simple but a different touch, right? Graciasss.

And now Daniel, a nice boy from Galicia I keep a great memory…

Parents, parents, parents who decorate and share this great moment and that I am especially moved because they are always there.

Via Pinterest

Thank you all, because they are all who are although they are not all who are.

One more day.