MagnetMe, Customize Images with Your Kitchen

Many times above all when the kitchens they are white or very light smooth colours, people like to decorate them with images, vinyl or stickers, that is a problem in other rooms is not and is that the walls and furniture, you have to scrub them often with cleaning products strong grease and stain when cooking and decorative stickers or photos end up damaged.

MagnetMe, a company of the United Kingdom is dedicated to manufacture kitchen furniture already with the image our choice printed so that this is no doubt completely resistant to strong, even to potential scratches, a good way to cleaning of Customize the kitchen and the best thing is that we can do it from the web in a virtual way, trying with different images both our as signature gallery, I have already tried a few combinations, let’s see them.

MagnetMe, Customize Images with Your Kitchen

In addition to adding the images to the doors furniture and appliances, can also change in the scene the soil and the color of the walls, floor not there are too many options, basically three, two Brown one as stage and another platelet and the third in gray, as if it were slate, the wall if we have a lot of colors, you can choose which combine with the photos to customize or that contrast with them making them highlight.

With regard to place photos in the kitchen, There is a gallery with a few images, some abstract very colorful geometric patterns, other realistic aspects related to the kitchen, eggs, peppers, fruits of the forest of … there are also photographs landscapes, stones … floral print options and print animal … in short, for everybody, but if we want something more special, we have the option of uploading our own photo.

You may ask what happens if the image does not correspond with the size the door where we want it put, as well the application gives us the option of cut out it and move it to frame the area of it that you want on the door of our choice, that allows us to play even to place the part of on top of a photo in the upper cabinets and fill it with the bottom in the lower.

The application is very easy to use, just click on the door that you want to decorate and image that deserves no more, if the disposal does not convince us, we click on it and is when we can move it by dragging it with the mouse, or definitely delete it if we do not get the desired result, we are doing various tests and looking at pros and cons of each result.

When it comes to decorating with photos It is important to not recharge, we can only decorate the fridge, only the upper cabinets, all but choosing alternate doors … each one should decide on that part of the kitchen you want attention or which is more to the view it is or which best seen from an angle, for example if we want that photo to see already from outside or not.

The cupboards Central superiors tend to be more you see will be that we will choose if we want something flashy, if we seek something more discreet, we’ll go to the fridge or any cupboard low and side. The color of the wall can also highlight or minimize the effect of the photo, depending on whether the color is very different or very similar to hers, there also depends on the strength of the chosen image, which is the most suitable choice.

I’ve tried several completely different combinations for the kitchen, I started with a very simple which decorates a small part of the furniture, then decorating the lower part with colors bright and intense, the blue with images of stones River on the upper cabinets is very refreshing, a seascape of sunset on background alternate Garnet and finally the chillies decorating the fridge and loose furniture.

It is not to choose the best combination because no doubt will be a matter of taste, to my truth which in objective I like all, each in its style and possibly doing more more I would like, the point is that you try your own combinations according to your taste staff, that is the idea of signing each to customize the furniture your way.