Experts Give Tips on Adhesives, Coatings and Wallpapers

These techniques to give life to the walls are the girls of the eyes of the personalized decoration

Blank canvases for smarter architects and artists, the walls of the house are usually responsible for changing the face of the whole room. Among the main “weapons” to achieve this achievement are stickers, coatings and wallpapers. In common, they have the advantage of being durable and quick to put on (sometimes in just a few hours). What’s more, it’s easy to set up a personalized environment. Even in the case of coatings, which are already factory-ready, mixing a few different types on one wall can make the room unique.

Specializing in the adhesion of her works of art to the clients’ walls, interior artist and interior designer Ana Castilhos even set up a family tree in a couple’s room that celebrated golden weddings at the time. The sticker was a gift from the kids.

– Trees, in general, closely combine with bedrooms and living rooms, for example. It always gives a charming touch. In this case, it was even more delicate because of the homage, which was a surprise for the couple. “Now, I’m going to redo the tree, to include people, who recently joined the family, and photos of everyone,” says Ana, who started to design wall-sticker designs about ten years ago.

The artist works with electronic vinyl cutouts, to make stickers with little color, and laser printing with lamination, in the case of the most colorful.But she warns: it is no use trying to disguise a wall in poor condition with this technique.

– If the wall is ugly, with spots, the sticker will only highlight that. And the ideal is to have a good quality paint, so that, when removing the adhesive, the wall does not spoil – says Ana.

– They are pieces that do not stain because they are impermeable, says Debora, who will launch new collections on March 11 at the sector’s national fair in São Paulo.

– Today, there are different types of papers. And the prices of the rolls range from $ 200 to $ 1,500 at Just choose the paper according to interior design.

“I like to put some highlights, too,” he says.