Custom Vinyl: Your Style Reflected in the Walls of Your House

Many times we have to buy new furniture, or objects with them, give a new look to the d├ęcor of any room. This is something that occupies us time, effort and a waste of money.

We want to propose an idea which seems to us original: decoration with vinyl

You won’t need an extraordinary display of media: screws, hammers, editors and Woods, in a way that is as simple as it is to stick a few vinyls in the places which previously we decide, we can achieve change the general appearance of a stay.

Decorative vinyls are printed or cut from images and not only serve to decorate walls, with them we can decorate the smooth surfaces, such as: glass, cabinets, doors, tiles and even appliances.

Decorate with custom vinyl is becoming a trend that, little by little, is imposing. The benefits that we offer: easy to install, very economic and with a huge variety of proposals and colors, allow us to use them to customize the different rooms of the home.

When we go to apply vinyl designs, the first thing we will do will be: define the place where we are going to place.
By choosing the design, it must adapt to our home and not vice versa. Vinyl design style must be in harmony with the color palette and the size of the room. The vinyl can be placed both on the walls and furniture, smooth or glass objects.

An option can be:

Put details of the vinyl on different surfaces. There are some designs of a piece and others that can be cut, separated and be applied in different directions and locations.

The ideas are endless for applying vinyl records in each environment:

In the kitchen, bath, receiver, dining room, balcony, bedrooms, etc. You just need imagination and desire to play with the possibilities offered by this decorative technique.

It is even possible to design a tableware, then not used: vessels, cups, the placemats and dishes.

If we want to place them on the walls, these must have a smooth, fine finish and to be painted with a good quality latex coating to ensure a proper adhesion, if possible. Before applying them on glass or mirrors it is appropriate that we clean them well with a soft cloth soaked in alcohol and we dry them.

Ceramics and tiles must be removed them before all kinds of dirt, to ensure correct placement.

We invite you to decorate with custom vinyls and tell us your impressions!


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