Choose the Perfect Bulb with Osram Light Finder

Choose the perfect bulb It is not an easy task for our needs. There are many models with different technologies (halogen, LED, low), caps and types of light (warm and cold), even different wall stickers models, making an application as OSRAM Light Finder comes in very handy to succeed in the election.

Despite being a limited catalogue of Osram mobile application, it is very useful to compare different bulbs that are on the market, compare the consumption, duration and power saving LED bulbs or halogen, and realize that although the LEDs and the charming wall stickers are still expensive and do not reach certain powers or lumens, its duration is much higher than the savings with one lower consumption still.

In addition to this interesting feature as Finder and comparison of light bulbs, OSRAM Light Finder application also offers some other usage highlights, such as the possibility of testing lamps of its brand in different predefined spaces or even pictures of our House that we can import in the application.

The only thing that I miss in the application is the possibility of introducing some information of your stay we want to illuminate (wide, long and high) as well as the light intensity we want (low, medium, high) and inform us of the amount of lumens we need and what light bulbs can be used to achieve them.