Child Wall Sticker: Application Tips and Inspirations

If you follow the the blog already know: the adhesive wall is one of the trends for children bedroom decoration. Easy to apply and effective immediately, the adhesive is a low-cost alternative to give up on the small bedroom decor. In addition, wall stickers can stimulate the creativity and imagination of children.

To apply

Usually the manufacturer already brings the instructions for application, but it is essential that the wall to be applied is clean (never wet) in advance so that the grip is perfect. In addition, some tricks can avoid air bubbles in the application, how to apply with the help of a ruler, spatula or even a cloth.

And if you get sick? The removal is not too hard to do, just use the hair dryer with warm air to soften the glue adhesive. Start removing the tips and go pulling the adhesive, always with the help of the dryer.

Inspirations for girls

Girls are in love with princesses, hearts, pink … But the decor of which can run some of that universe.

A trend that follows strong are the walls in gray. But the sober color other matches their room? Why not?!

Superheroes, animals and carts make the head of the boys! But for those who don’t enjoy a particular character, you can play with the decor of the boys room too.

Enjoyed the ideas? At you will find many children’s themed wall stickers, get inspired with our gallery.