At Your Feet: 7 Ideas To Decorate With Very Original Skirting Boards

The human being is unable to suck his elbow.

At Your Feet 7 Ideas To Decorate With Very Original Skirting Boards

The skirting boards in your home are undervalued.

Typically, if at the time of reading this you are alone and at home, you have tried to suck your elbow and then have a look at the bottom of your walls.


And I say this because the skirting boards of a home is one of those parts that we look at a little bit, but because we do not give them the importance they deserve.

There are many ways to give an original and striking touch to these parts that serve to protect and disguise the encounter between wall and floor, and today we will check.

I invite you to surprise your guests with something they will see in a few homes!

With a bit of shiny and / or colored tape, make it a bit water resistant (I’m afraid the washi tape will not hold up to the ideas and comings of the mop), you can give a multicolored touch to the baseboards of your kitchen or Of children’s bedrooms or play rooms.

Via Emily Henderson

You can also decorate your skirts with vinyls or prints (you will find them already made with these designs in some decoration shops, like these of the mark FN Neuhofer Holz ). As you can see, the result is spectacular, a work of art a few inches off the ground!

Do you need to hide many cables at ground level? Until the day comes when wireless technologies help us get rid of them, you can plant a small fence of garden fence and give a country feel to your living room.

Via Pinterest-SwtLadyNYC

The fantastic world of Ratoncito Pérez and his rodent friends is a great inspiration for children’s rooms: you can install small doors, windows, vinyl and other great elements to give life to this character that relieved us those hard edentulous moments of childhood.

Explains here the Noddy blog , they belong to these images, Rey Alfonso XIII, before growing and becoming a reveler playboy, was a child of eight saddened by the loss of their teeth.

The Palace asked the Jesuit Luis Coloma to create a story to encourage him, and so our imaginary little friend was born.

Rustic style, level Tom Sawyer: taking advantage of the edges of the wood when cutting planks can create natural jewels like these skirts that even preserve the bark of the tree.

Your ideal destination? Country houses and flats with a very natural decoration. Via Build a DIY

Footstool with lighting, perfect for highlighting corridors with elegance. Some LED fixtures can help you create warmer and more welcoming spots from the bottom of the room.

Via We are Deco

Another way is to integrate skirting boards or bases in the same decoration of a more creative wall, as shown by Decoralia .

Which one do you have?

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