10 Tips For Placing Your Decorative Vinyls

To many of you you have some doubts when decorating the walls with decorative stickers for the first time.

With the years that we have been working with decorative vinyls forcompanies and businesses we have seen them of all colors and I do not speak of vinyls… It is very easy!

But you must always follow the instructions of each manufacturer!
Today I suggest some tips for your stickers to remain as if they had installed a professional.

– 1.- Cut out the parts you want to place independently.
– 2 .- When you receive it, if it is rolled up, do not leave it like this for days, spread it on a smooth surface , waiting for you to install it.
– 3 .- At the time of insertion, always smooth the stickers with a spatula (any card is worth it) to eliminate possible wrinkles of the conveyor paper and fix the adhesive.
– 4 .- Present it on the wall with body tape. Do not be impatient. Make sure where and how you want to put it.
– 5.- If you have long installed decorative vinyl in your home and raised a tip, try to give it a little heat with a simple dryer. The rubber will soften and you can probably stick it again.
– 6.- If you have to install a mural, I prefer to overlap a couple of millimeters the different pieces. This way you will avoid that if they are contracted with the temperature changes you will appear separations. And when they are dilated they will be damaged by colliding one piece with the other.
– 7 – When installing a large decorative vinyl or vinyl for children, I like to place a corbel tape in the middle. So first strike the right part, then remove the tape and then the left.
– 8.- Remember that the wall must be clean and dry. Never place your stickers if you are not sure that the paint on your walls is dry.
– 9.- Always follow the instructions of each manufacturer and your adhesive on the wall will be perfect.
-10.-Never place your wall decals near radiators or other heat sources.

And if you have come here … it is because you are seriously considering renovating your home so that you go deeper and give you some more extras to stick your decorative vinyl.