10 Errors In Pasting Decorative Stickers

We show you the 10 errors when pasting decorative vinyl so you do not discover them.

If you propose to redecorate your home, learn what you should never do with your decorative vinyl, before you get to work.

10 Errors In Pasting Decorative Stickers

Today I teach you some keys so that decorating with your decorative vinyl is a success. You just have to learn the 10 most common mistakes you should ever make with this type of wall sticker.

Discover the 10 mistakes you should never make with your decorative vinyl.

1. Do not wet the wall. To stick a decorative vinyl on a painted wall never, never, wet or moisten the surface.

Nothing is needed, neither wet nor moist, much less use glue. This type of decoration is already adhesive and should always be placed on a dry and clean surface of dust and grease. Make sure it is completely dry and if you have painted read carefully the drying instructions or consult with the painter before installing anything, okay? That way you’re sure.

2.- Do not wrinkle, or double a vinyl.

While you wait for the time to stick your vinyl on the wall, keep it on a flat surface, a table or a shelf (depending on the measurements is ideal) but never fold or wrinkle.And preferably do not keep it rolled up (if that’s the case).

3.-Do not take off your support papers or the different parts, until you are installing it.

Do not be impatient.

Feel the urge to see the colors and the actual measurement until you have it placed on your wall. I know that you are dying of desire, but so that your decoration is perfect mantel intact until the great day.

A quality wall vinyl, of years that decorate walls, signs or shop windows… is composed of three parts: a support paper (where the adhesive is temporarily bonded, the decorative vinyl and the paper conveyor. In this way it is well protected both for transport and for placement.

4. Never attempt to place a decorative vinyl on chipped walls, with humid or porous surfaces such as natural wood, cork or unpainted walls.

If you do, in a short time it will spoil you and you will end up taking off. It’s not worth it unless you want to waste time and effort.

5. Do not try to clean your vinyl with aggressive products.

6. Do not try to decorate with them radiators, ovens or any other source of heat.

These decorative adhesives are great heat enemies. The high temperatures soften the tails and your stickers will not be perfect, nor well fixed on the surface. Listen to me.

7.- Do not hit them and take off, hit and take off…

Even if you take care not to stretch or deform it, the amount of adhesive may be released. A professional vinyl is designed to decorate the same area for years, but not to change the place. So be clear first of all, what is the best place to place it definitively, because once installed it is better not to touch it.

8.- Do not choose spherical areas to decorate, like balloons …

Unless you only want to decorate 50% of the curve. If you try to liner completely it is possible that you will appear bubbles or wrinkles. Always opt for flat surfaces or smooth curves (like those of a vehicle)

9.- Never install a vinyl without fixing it first.

Help yourself to the classic painter’s tape. Hold the ends securely so that you do not move from the position you have planned while you are striking the wall.

10.- Do not plan to place your decoration without cleaning the surface.

Always make sure your wall is dust free and clean. Vinyls are great enemies of dust motes. So never ever ever stick your decorative vinyl on a wall without first cleaning it with a clean cloth. Even if you finish painting and your wall is involute, I know. Clean it, please!

Surely you have moved or mounted furniture in the room and the walls catch everything, even if we do not see it.

And here are the keys that you should know if you are planning to decorate and take advantage of your walls or your furniture. These are the 10 points that you have to fulfill so that your decoration is luxury. You know what to never do when you go to place your decorative vinyl.

I hope you get all these tips. And now enjoy your decor for the wall.